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Our People

Our days are filled with important duties and routines. Yet human connection takes precedence over the necessities of our job descriptions every time. You are why we're here.

We bring varied backgrounds and skills to our roles, but we are all here to love and support you.

Kristin Townsley Executive Director: Kristin Townsley

Kristin was born and raised in Fort Wayne where she graduated with a BS in Therapeutic Recreation and Recreation Management. She is a Licensed Residential Care Administrator, a Certified Dementia Practitioner (CDP) and Certified Alzheimer's and Dementia Disease Care trainer who has served residents with dementia (and their families) for more than 10 years.

Kristin's goal is not only to help people during the transition from their home to Park Place, but to help them thrive here. “My days are full of special moments with our residents, but by far the most rewarding is to see someone thriving and loving their new friends and surroundings. We have a very social and compassionate community and I'm very proud of how family oriented we are.”

When not at Traditions, Kristin enjoys spending time with her family, friends and daughter.

Samantha Domurat Assistant Executive Director: Samantha Domurat

Samantha holds an Associate of Science in Nursing (ASN) and Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) from the University of Saint Francis. She is a Certified Dementia Practitioner (CDP) and Registered Nurse who is currently enrolled in the Indiana Administrator in Training (AIT) program to become a Licensed Residential Care Administrator.

"The absolute best part of my workday every day is interacting with the residents and having the privilege of being a part of their lives. I chose Park Place specifically to train under and learn from our Executive Director. I have more than 15 years experience caring for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities and for the past three years I've been serving as the Executive Director for a Medicaid provider in Fort Wayne. I was excited to become a part of the Traditions family, and would absolutely move one of my loved ones into this caring community."

Sam has two teenage boys (a freshman and senior at Carroll High School) who keep her busy with extracurricular activities and an Olde English Bulldog.

Megan Dolinski Community Relations Director: Megan Dolinski

Megan was born in Fort Wayne and raised in Antwerp, Ohio, where she graduated from Antwerp Local School and attended Columbus State Community College. She is fluent in American Sign Language and was a sign language interpreter in the Archbold school district. She has also served in healthcare for more than seven years.

Megan is blessed with a tight knit family, who she credits for her strong work ethic and desire to do what is right by people. "I knew that I wanted to call Park Place my home when I saw the staff's genuine care and concern for the residents. It was heartwarming seeing how close everyone has become and how deeply they care about residents. It also gives me peace of mind to know that so much of the leadership and nursing staff have been with Park Place since it opened. I'm looking forward to sharing how wonderful this community is with future residents and families."

Mimi Newman Wellness Director: Mimi Newman

Mimi began her career in healthcare as a volunteer candy striper at Parkview Health when she was just 13 years old. After graduating with her LPN, she worked at Parkview in the spinal surgery unit, then moved to Park Place. Mimi has been a nurse for more than 33 years.

“When I came to Park Place, I fell in love with my residents. I really did! They are my favorite part of working here. I'm always focused on being supportive of their needs, and their families' needs and making them feel that this is their home. ”

Shannon Lynn Roe Memory Care Director: Shannon Lynn Roe

Shannon has worked in the medical field most of her life, as a CNA, nursing scheduler, in human resources, medical records and as a nurse. She is also a Certified Dementia Practitioner (CDP).

“I am so proud to have created the Memory Care program at Park Place and am proud of the way we care for our residents and their families. Our residents experience different health and cognitive challenges, but it seems their humor remains intact. So we pay attention to what makes them happy, because laughter is some of the best medicine."

Shannon is the proud mom to two adult daughters.

Kimm Loewen Move-in Coordinator: Kimm Loewen

Kimm was born in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, lived in Sierra Leone, West Africa for four years while her parents served as missionaries and returned to the states to settle in Huntington, Indiana. She graduated from Summit Christian College with a BS in Family Counseling and recently received her CNA and QMA.

"I was blessed to grow up with an older sister who had Down Syndrome who was the love of my life. I give her credit in helping me become who I am today and for teaching me patience, understanding and the ability to anticipate and meet someone's needs. She passed away a year and a half ago after being diagnosed with Alzheimer's, so I am familiar with the tough decisions behind caring for someone when they can no longer stay in their own home. I love my job, but the best part of my workday is when all necessary work is done and I can just sit with my residents and have fun with them, get to know them, give out free hugs and smiles...and receive them, too."

Bettye George Activity Director: Bettye George

Bettye is a Fort Wayne native who graduated from the Rowlett & Laker Activity Director program.

“I am here to engage our residents and keep them happy. It starts in the activity room, but I channel my energy and love into creating fun everywhere, like on bus outings, during Happy Hour or Prom, where everyone got dressed up. There's a lot of singing, laughing and having fun, just the way I like it."

Bettye has been married for four years to husband, Nick and takes care of her mom and two brothers.

Merle Steller Maintenance Director: Merle Steller

Merle was born and raised in Indiana and has been a self-employed contractor. He holds a variety of contractor licenses and certifications.

“I'm not just here to fix what's broken, but to create and maintain a safe and beautiful environment. I spend time getting to know about the life and family history of our residents, so I care about their comfort and well being. We have high standards and I believe in setting a example for my entire staff to follow."

Merle is married with four children.

Kris Peters Business Office Manager: Kris Peters

Kris was born and raised in Fort Wayne, has a degree in Business Administration from the International Business College and more than 15 years experience as a business office manager.

“I am so fortunate to have the chance to work with Maya and her team in this beautiful setting. I've always loved working with people, but getting to know our residents and their families is truly a privilege."

Kris and her husband are the proud parents of a beautiful 17-year-old daughter who keeps them on their toes.

Dementia Certified Practitioner LogoThe Certified Dementia Practitioner® (CDP®) represents those health care and front line staff who have an in-depth knowledge in dementia care. They have received specialized training, met certain requirements, and applied for certification through the National Council of Certified Dementia Practitioners (NCCDP). The CDP® program recognizes the need for standards in the area of Alzheimer’s and dementia education, and it helps improve the services provided by health care professionals and frontline staff.