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I was going to "write" a note of thanks but realized there was not enough room. I also was afraid it would not get to all who we want to thank. We started to search for a place besides home for our mom/parents over 5 years ago. We could see the handwriting on the wall that dementia creates. My dad was stubborn and thought nothing was wrong and wanted to stay at home. My mom needed not to be held prisoner in her own home. She needed socialization. After a few Silver alerts, it was apparent that help was needed. Park Place checked all the boxes. We, as their children, had decisions to make. As you know, Mom and Dad moved in July of 2021. It was not without its challenges. The staff there did all they could to make it seem like home and provide an environment of love and respect. Not to mention dealing with a daughter who had her sword to the North most of the time! Fast forward to March of this year. Dad passed before Mom, leaving Mom with the inability to answer a phone, to walk, to make diet choices, to work a TV remote , etc. She was bedridden, afraid and lonely. Although Park Place is not home, We would like to thank each and every person from the front offices,  maintenance, chaplain services, laundry, dietary, activities, to aides, to nursing and also so many of the residents who looked out for our mom. It was horrible to be by herself after my dad passed (and to have Covid and be quarantined on top of that), but many reached out to show her love and calm her in her moments of fear, loneliness, and anxiety. They sat with her, prayed with her, sang with her. You allowed her sister to do her hair in the salon when mom could no longer get in my car. The staff helped me when I got her up twice a week for her beloved music, which, since she is gone, I am not sure will ever be the same! Please know that our parents were worth advocating for, and we feel like our concerns never fell on deaf ears. Your team is amazing. Your facility is amazing. Your mission is amazing.  We thank you for the gift in our mom's memory. We thank you for all the care. We wish you God's richest blessings as you move forward, continuing to serve a population that needs you!
— Lorie S.
I absolutely love this facility! I never ever feel like I’m working, I feel like I’m going to spend time with my family. The residents are awesome and the management team is really caring and helpful to the staff. They really care about the employees whether there are issues at work or home, I always know I can count on them. ❤️❤️
5 Star Review — Marissa R. (Google Reviews)
I work here and I wouldn’t want to work any where else. I have my dream job working with the best people!! And I adore my residents!!
5 Star Review — Kimm L. (Google Reviews)
Park Place Senior Living is a newer place. It's very open. They take residents every week someplace. They have a lot of activities. It has a nice layout. It was a big square. They have an indoor courtyard. They also have some outdoor courtyards. There's a big dining room that is very sunny, and there are lots of windows and lots of natural light coming in. The staff were very knowledgeable and very kind. I sat and talked to residents for about 10 minutes, which was very good.
— Kathy (Caring.com)
Good morning everyone.
I just wanted to send thank-you's to all the staff that helped our family these past 8.5 yrs. It's been quite a journey. When they (Dan and Mimi K.) moved in I really thought that we had, maybe, another 5 years together-little did I know!

Please forward my thanks to ALL staff: to the front desk staff that always had a smile on their face when I walked in; to ALL staff who would say hi to dad by NAME when we walked the hallways; to the laundry staff that listened to my mom; to the cleaning staff that were so kind and professional; to maintenance that took dad around on their daily tasks to keep him busy and engaged (and to Merle who was there on a cold Sunday when their HVAC quit on them!); to the dining staff that allowed dad to fold napkins; to the activity leaders in Memory Care that got dad to play Bingo!(we never thought we would see that day!); to all the CNA's that helped dad with his daily tasks-even walking him to his meals; to all the nurses that took such good care of them and watched over them-they were in constant motion!

And to you Kristin, Megan, Kimm and Kris. You helped ME thru all the changes that have happened. I have really learned a lot during this time and now understand more fully what it means to go thru all these transitions. You can read about dementia and you can go to lectures and seminars but to walk hand in hand with someone with this disease makes it real.

If I have missed anyone my apologies because everyone is instrumental in running that team.

I ask that you forward to staff and to Traditions Managements so they know what I know.

Happy Thanksgiving and Thank you!
— Mija G.
I visited Park Place Senior Living, it's right next to Parkview Hospital. I liked the fact that the facility did aging-in-place, where they moved from just meals to nearly nursing care service. So, although they do not have a nursing care facility on the property, I like the level of care that they provide. And they do it all in the same room without moving the patient or resident to another room. That way, they don't have to go through the disruption of having to have to move from a much larger room to a smaller room, that's in a different place or different location, which just adds additional stress to the resident. The person that we met with was very, very friendly, very knowledgeable, and had good interaction with the residents. Everything that they said that's related to the different supports and things sounded good. It had a very friendly, family kind of feel. And their open hallways were nicely lit, but it wasn't cold. It has a welcoming feel to the place.
— Marc (Caring.com)
We had a really nice tour of Park Place Senior Living. My mom and dad really liked that one. They're friendly and informative. The facility was clean, and the apartments were really nice, and the residents seemed to be happy, outgoing, and talkative. It's also in an area where it's easy to get in. They're close to the hospital, and there's a lot of shopping around there. They do card games, walking around outside, and reading books. They have a sewing room and an activities room as well. Their menu looked really good, and they had two different types of menus, a cold and warm menu.
— Nedra (Caring.com)
My mom is at Park Place Senior Living in Fort Wayne. We are very impressed with them. It's very clean, very orderly, and she gets really good attention there. Everyone is really kind to her and very caring. So far, the staff has been just so good. I talk to her every day, and she's really impressed. They just treat her so well, and they are very caring people. She can't do many activities right now because she's in quarantine. She is brand new, so she is going to be on her own for fourteen days. I know they offer a lot of things, though, so once she gets out of that room she can go to the library. There is also a theater, a game room, and a lot of activities planned. So far, she loves the food. She likes all her meals. My mom is very pampered there.
— Kelly (Caring.com)
My mother stayed at Park Place assisted living. It was fine. The staff was adequate and helpful. I never had a meal there with her, but she never complained about it. They had activities all day long. They did bingo, church services on Sunday, arts and crafts, music, and they took them out shopping. It worked well. It was clean, well staffed, and they kept them busy.
— Anonymous
We DID tour Park Place today at 1pm. We loved it! We told mom about it and she said, don't tour any others, get my room reserved there. I believe she has a friend there as well. So we will be getting a studio apartment reserved for her. Thankfully they have one available. Thank you so much for helping us with this.
— Kelly A.
We chose Park Place Senior Living for my mother. It's reasonable, nice, clean looking, the people were nice, and she can go from independent living to assisted living. They will take you shopping, the staff was friendly, and everybody seemed comfortable and happy.
— Dee (Caring.com)
Picture of a Resident Park PlaceThank you, Kim, for the picture of Mom. She looks great, which makes us all feel better. It is a great idea to send these as it brings some peace to families in these trying times. We know Mom is in good hands! Our gratitude to everyone at Park Place who are providing care to our loved ones! Please stay safe and healthy. Blessings to all and hugs to mom.
— Cheri B. & Family
We liked Park Place Senior Living a lot and we wanted to take dad in there but his long-term health insurance won't cover it. The place itself was really nice, and we wanted to go into their one-bedroom apartment, it would have been a great size for him. The staff was very friendly and informative. They have an exercise area and it was nice.
— Carla
We liked Park Place Senior Living a lot and we wanted to take dad in there but his long-term health insurance won't cover it. The place itself was really nice, and we wanted to go into their one-bedroom apartment, it would have been a great size for him. The staff was very friendly and informative. They have an exercise area and it was nice.
— Carla
My Mother, Donna, recently moved into Park Place Senior Living and on behalf of my Mother and brothers, we wanted to say thank you. Kristin, Megan and Kimm have been incredibly kind, helpful and available as Mom made the move and is transitioning. It is their spirit of caring that makes all the difference.

Though I could cite many examples, one very visual example was the 'Welcome Care Package/Basket' in Mom's room when she arrived. There were so many details involved in her move that the welcome package thought of for us. This care package seemed to be representative of their kind and thoughtful support in all they do...anticipating what Mom (we) might need before it is needed to make her transition go as smoothly as possible.

In the midst of a very difficult time, Kristin, Megan and Kimm made all the difference, and we are so very grateful.
— Jane B. M.
Very nice, clean, friendly staff and residents, like the fact that the facility is one story and each apartment has a patio. Lots of activities.
— Anonymous (SeniorAdvisor.com)
Park Place is very nice. The apartments are beautiful. They have lots of group activities but I did not see anything in progress at the time. The staff is very knowledgeable. The dining is clean, very spacious, and conducive to talking to each other. I think everything is wonderful there at Park Place.
— Laura (Caring.com)
I really liked Park Place. It's open, very clean, and modern. It was a little more expensive. The staff member who showed us around was very helpful. The room they showed us would have accommodated both my parents and would have met the needs of two people. They have two bedrooms and each person can have a separate one if they want, or a bedroom and an office-type room. They were very active and the residents seemed happy, open, and were talking and joking with the staff.
— Cheri (Caring.com)
Mom has lived at Park Place for a month and a half now. She was able to settle in and feel at home quickly because the staff went out of their way to help her meet people and feel included. There are a variety of activities offered daily and weekly that she has started to enjoy. To quote my daughter after her first visit to see where Grandma lives 'It looks, feels and smells more like a nice hotel or apartment building than an old people's home.' The most important thing for me is that Mom is happy, active and safe. And she is all of those things and more here at her new home.
— Anonymous (SeniorAdvisor.com)
Just a quick thank you for the wonderful lunch tour yesterday with mom. You have NO IDEA how thankful my sisters and I are that this has been such a positive thing for me (truly a divine intervention that I am still shaking my head about!). Appreciate all of your help. I sincerely have so much admiration for your passion for making a difference. Gives me tears every time I think about mom actually being able to stay there in a wonderful place with hearts like yours.
— Kay D.
I am very pleased. Mom seems very well adjusted. She always likes to make me feel bad, but everyone tells me she is fine. I would recommend Park Place to others.
— Catherine K.
The extra kindnesses shown to Mom at Park Place are greatly appreciated. Not only does she receive excellent care, but a gentle knock on her door to remind her of activities, she's given the latitude to breakfast in her room on occasion (in her robe and pjs) with her own cup of tea and a piece of toast. The activities Mom participates in are numerous; she is encouraged but never coerced to participate. We especially appreciate the dignity and friendliness she is shown by all the staff the dining room helpers, the medicine administration, and the attending doctors who attend to her every need regardless of the time of day. The entire family has come to know Park Place as extended family and are treated with respect as we visit, attend functions and dine with mom.
— Karen N. (SeniorAdvisor.com)
My mother is really enjoying the ability to go on outings such as local shops. She enjoys being able to walk in the hallways and go down to the dining rooms, The meals are good and they usually have good choices such as specials of the day and other choices.
— Fort Wayne, IN Visitor (SeniorAdvisor.com)
Great place, clean and cheery. Staff was wonderful and the facility was outstanding.
— Pam S.
From what I saw on my tour, this was a fine facility! It appeared to be quite clean and well maintained and the staff were friendly.
— Fort Wayne, IN Visitor (SeniorAdvisor.com)
Beautiful grounds and rooms--restaurant anytime meals, like a resort or hotel. We really like it, if you need light assisted living on the north side, we highly recommend it. It is our clear favorite!
— Happy Mom Makes Happy Kids (SeniorAdvisor.com)
I like the care here at this community. We have been happy with the staff and the cleanliness of the community. The menu is very good and we like that they have activities that she is participating in with the other residents. We would recommend this community to other families for the care of a loved one.
— Anonymous (SeniorAdvisor.com)
I toured this community while looking into care options for a loved one. The facility was well kept and clean, and all the staff I met seemed friendly and professional. We ended up selecting another community, but this is somewhere I would have considered as an option for my loved one.
— Fort Wayne, IN Visitor
Was there for my grandfather's 92nd birthday and was very impressed with the staff and faculty. New and clean with friendly, helpful staff. Grandfather is happy and healthy.
— Brock W.
Things are going well for my mother since she moved to this community. The staff is all friendly and the meals are great. We have not found anything that needs to be improved.
— Anonymous (APlaceForMom.com)