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Employee of the Month Kris Peters

Meet Kris Peters, Traditions' Featured Employee of the Month! Kris was born and raised in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and has been the Business Office Manager for Park Place Senior Living for nearly seven years!

Life Outside of Park Place Senior Living

"When I'm not working, I love spending time with my husband of 26 years and my 23-year-old daughter. I also have developed an expensive obsession – creating things with my Cricut machine!"

What Kris Loves About Traditions

When we asked Kris what she loves about her job, she said, "My TRIBE! My co-workers and the residents here make my day! I love all the families that visit and hearing everyone's stories."

Connecting With Our Residents

One of her fondest memories was when she and a resident, Tom, made an immediate connection because of a sign she has in her office that reads, "Age and glasses of wine should never be counted!" This sign sparked an initial conversation, forming a beautiful bond with Tom and his children.

"Tom would stop by my office and ask me to Google different grapes and wines and then tell me more about them. Our friendship grew to include his children. They would email me humorous things to pass along to their dad. Every once in a while, we still send notes."

A Fun Fact About Kris

A fun fact about Kris… she used to be a wedding singer! Honestly, that isn't that surprising, given her outgoing personality.

Being Nominated for Employee of the Month

"Kris Peters! I don't know where to begin," exclaimed Kristin Townsley, Park Place Executive Director.

"She is one of the most amazing individuals I have ever had the chance to know, let alone work with. Her work ethic, friendliness, thoughtfulness, and wonderful heart are unmatched. She will do anything for anyone and goes above and beyond daily for our residents, families, and staff. Watching her flourish and grow within Traditions has been so fun, and I am so grateful for our work friendship and all she does for Park Place and our community! Kris is also quite hysterical. She constantly keeps us on our toes, and is our comic relief! It was easy to nominate her for Traditions' Featured Employee of the Month. She is such a blessing to anyone she encounters!"