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Is My Loved One Safe at Your Community?

During these difficult times, you may wonder where the best place for is your loved one. We are confident that our Community is just that! If you are struggling with the current uncertainty, or considering a move home, we hope the information below puts your mind at ease.

Care Needs While at Home

  • Providing personal care for a loved one at home should be evaluated depending on family dynamics.
  • Home health services may provide some help, but growing demand and personnel shortages have made these services difficult and/or exceedingly expensive to schedule appropriately.
  • It’s difficult for home care services to ensure proper infection control measures and personal protective equipment (PPE) are always used. Shortages in supplies and the logistics of multiple home visits per day make these protocols especially difficult.
  • Consider additional responsibilities such as buying groceries, cooking, possibly administering medication, doing the laundry, and ensuring the home is free from potential contamination.

A Safe Home Environment

  • Seniors with cognitive impairments may become more confused or agitated if they are moved from a familiar environment. These changes can increase challenging behaviors that are difficult to manage safely in the home.
  • Families need to ensure that everyone at home are taking the necessary precautions to not become exposed to the virus and have access to proper PPE to eliminate this risk.
  • As businesses begin to re-open and people return to work, it will be especially difficult to ensure the home environment remains uncontaminated.

Emergency Care

  • Is there a plan to handle acute illness or injury? Is there an emergency button available for prompt and safe medical attention if the need arises?
  • In many ways, the importance of safeguards required for COVID-19 highlight the numerous benefits of living in a supportive community setting like ours.
  • We have carefully implemented specific recommendations provided by the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention and have access to necessary and provided PPE to ensure reduced possible contamination.
  • Our community continues to work cooperatively with various agencies to navigate this pandemic, including the CDC, state departments of health and other agencies.

After the Pandemic

  • We are almost through this pandemic. Many people will be returning to work or their normal activities and will not be able to provide full-time care for their loved one.
  • Our community will be returning to normal activities, allowing you and your loved one to enjoy daily events and dining with their friends. We truly understand the concern for your loved one or that you miss them and are concerned for their health and safety.

We are happy to discuss your personal situation and will do everything possible to help you feel better about your loved one’s health and safety. We can and want to continue to care for your loved one!

Thank you for your trust and for wanting to be a part of OUR Traditions Family!