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What Seniors Need to Know About Vision Loss

Originally published on U.S. News:


FOR MOST OF US, HITTING age 40 signals a time of change in several aspects of our health. One of the most noticeable changes is the way we see close-up objects. Called presbyopia, this condition is different from garden-variety farsightedness and results from a loss of flexibility of the lens in the eye – the lens gets more rigid, and it’s simply more difficult to focus on objects near you. It’s a relatively easy problem to correct – many of us simply reach for a pair of “cheater” reading glasses or a flashlight to help navigate the fine print of restaurant menus and another small type in low-lit areas. Others find it might be time for that first pair of prescription glasses.

Eyes & Your Overall Health

But as we continue to age, our eyes continue to change. Those changes may require more than a cheap pair of readers to correct, and changing eye health can also have implications for overall health.

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